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Miss Pluginn

Dance Party Playlist: Miss Plug Inn

Hi, welcome to the first in a series of Dance Party Playlists created for you by some of my favorite ladies who also happen to be music pioneers.

Enjoy the inspiration and the beats. In this first episode, there is an Italodisco vibe. We’ll be switching up the genres with each podcast. Enjoy!

Let’s meet Italy’s Miss Plug Inn:

Miss Plug Inn: I’m sorry my English is not from Oxford…but here we go!

I’m a girl with lots of passions, I like all the art, and I play with that.
I like to do stuff with my hands and stuff with my mind.

I can’t describe myself with one label, every 7 days I change my orientations. In a circle so I’m always coming back… I’m Italian, but I live in Berlin since almost 4 years and I love it here.

I like to make stuff that makes you feel good…jewelry, music, healing, design.
From the computer to the crystal, from the italodisco song to the most obscure mystical ritual….
That is how I like it, putting emotions, materials and ideas together…

Tory: How did you get into music?
Miss Plug Inn: I got into music because I’m a daydreamer and what is better than music to create your videoclip in your mind? So I started as a kid, listening to the disco tape of my parents in the car during long vacations in the south of Italy. I still feel an easygoing vibe when I listen to some tracks.

Tory: What is your favorite thing to do for fun?
Miss Plug Inn: I really like to recycle things, so my biggest fun is to transform something into something else for a special purpose …aww makes me feel so good.

Tory: In 4 words, what does your dream life feel like?
Miss Plug Inn: healthy, enthusiastic, wise, fresh


Patrick Cowley – Sea Hunt
Riccardo Cioni & D.J.F.T. Band – Funk Funk
M&G – Boogie Tonight
Kano – Ikeya Seki
Garrasco – Love Ser For Sale (instrumental)
Kasso – One More Round
Maurice McGee – Do I Do
Lipps Inc – How Long
Faxe – Times For Changes
Gino Soccio _ Remember
Slyck – Love It Or
Miss Plug Inn – You and I
L.E.B. Hamony – Feeling Love

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