I adore Tory’s heart driven, warm and loving coaching style. She helped me to embrace a gentle style in achieving my business goals and encouraged me to become the best version of myself – personally as well as professionally. Tory generously shared everything she has learned and experienced. Her unshakable trust in me and my capabilities is so powerful that I – being very skeptical about what is achievable and how – believed her eventually. With Tory’s support, I became much more confident, successful and happy than I could have ever imagined. And this is just the beginning! Thank you so much, Tory!

– Julia Lakaemper


Tory is the foundation and support that helps me to be the protagonist of my own life and business. She has the right techniques to help me achieve many goals that without her would be much more difficult. She has had a lot of experiences herself that allowed her to guide me to understand what I really wanted and go for it. My life it is even greater with her support and I am very thankful.

Karla Fernandes,
Brazilian by birth. Explorer by nature. In love with creativity, surrounded by inspiring people, and crafting life as I dream it.

Tory Marsh is a Master. I’ve worked with many coaches and taken many courses, but it is my work with Tory that has given me the life I dreamed of. It has been shocking to see how effective her “secrets” are at manifesting huge changes in a short amount of time. She has methods of manifesting that no one else does, and she teaches them with an ease and grace all her own. In her coaching, she uses her authenticity, integrity and compassion to help you create and then call into being the woman you have been waiting to become. The work is magical, powerful and playful all at once. Thank you, Tory, for using your gifts to empower us and change the world!

Naomi Hard,
New York, Creative Gypsy, Travel Coach and Retreat Coordinator.


Working with Tory is like having a CEO, coach, mentor, wing woman and best friend wrapped into one person. She has really helped uncover my miracles in life and reveal and own my own power. It has been through her love, support and guidance that I have allowed myself to heal and go after my true desires. I am seeing the rewards of living in my true light. Working with Tory is a reward you give yourself. Do it.

Sarah Shirley,
NYC based fashion and style expert and creator of “Style is Spiritual”, Founder and Creative Director of,