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The Gift of Allowing Others to Love You

Girl, I know you think you can do it all yourself. I even know you think it’s just better if you do… because you can, you’re in control, you know how it is supposed to be done.

But what if you don’t have to. What if receiving help allows something more.

Let me remind you, that when you let other people help you, you’re also giving them the chance to love you.

By doing it all yourself, you may be cutting off the love flow. Which I know is not what you want.

Think about how great it feels when you’re able to help someone. When you feel needed, and appreciated for what you can offer, and how happy that makes you feel when you’re generous. You can see how much better it makes things for someone else. Because of you. It’s wonderful.

But, let’s look at the flip side.

Letting others help you gives them a direct pathway to these very feelings for themselves.

What a beautiful gift to give! All by your allowing them to be generous to you. How generous of you!

Accept it graciously, with gratitude, and feel the connection that you are allowing to flow through both of your lives.

This is high level stuff!

This giving and receiving is part of a natural cycle. When we are in the flow of the energy of both giving and receiving, and allowing both actions, we step in to a higher level of what becomes possible. There is less constriction, and for entrepreneurs or simply ladies who bear the weight of it all on their shoulders, this is especially expansive as we often feel the pressure of doing it all.

Trust in this, through this simple act of allowing, things become lighter and more free.

And really, who doesn’t want more freedom.

More freedom. More love. More support. More connection. These are the gifts of allowing others to be a part of what you’re up to… how beautiful. All you have to say is Yes, and Thank You.

(I also like to add an I Love You, use it if you feel like it.)

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