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What to do when it ends.

I have been hearing from so many of my friends, clients and colleagues about what a strange energy there is going on right now. It seems that for so many people stability, security, and things they thought they could count on are suddenly coming to a powerful and often abrupt end.

For a lot of folks, things are feeling quite dismal, worry some, stressful, and uncertain.

For me, funnily enough, this really has become my sweet spot.

You see, this wild uncertain energy is also turning things upside down in my own life. But I have come to understand and trust in these powerful shifts as an opportunity for transformation.

When things fall apart, you have choices as to how you wish to rebuild. You have a chance to turn inward, to take stock of things, and heal what needs tending. Say “Thank You” and “I Love You” to the experience for giving you the chance to try again. Perhaps you choose to create again in the same image, or maybe you open yourself up to the infinite possibilities which lay before you and stretch what you believed was available to you.

I get excited when these old things which perhaps don’t fit me any more fall away on their own, as I know that it makes space for even greater things to enter my life.

It doesn’t make it comfortable or even painless. It can also feel unsafe and scary. But, I can feel the impending transformation, the opportunity to take it to the next level if I choose, the power to open myself up to the greatness and full expression that is this life. Courage. Trust. Delightful surprise.

If you are going through this tumult right now, keep breathing, keep listening, keep loving yourself for being brave enough to do what you can each day. You are doing just fine. You are showing up. You are on your way. Believe it.

As for me, it’s brought a new apartment (yay!), and the creation of a new online course from my heart to offer to yours (yay! yay!).

If you’d like to join a group of powerful, ambitious, creative chicks who are ready to create the life they dream of, hop over here to check out my Living Lovely Master Class. It’s 6 weeks of online modules, with personal support, which you can do in your own time, and an online community of likeminded support. You’re not in this alone!

Love you. Keep going.


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