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Yes makes things possible.

Y-E-S. Three simple letters which hold such tremendous power.

Yes, I would love some more ice cream.

Yes, I am so happy to see you!

Yes! I can’t wait to go on my vacation!!!

So, why is it so much easier to say no? Why is N-O often our first reaction, instinct, protection, or safe zone?

No, I couldn’t possibly indulge in that ice cream… it’s nearly bikini season.
No, sorry, I don’t have time to get together. Too busy. Gotta work.
Nope, not this year, no time to travel.

Blah. Boooooo.

And, while these are rather silly examples, or very truthful ones, I am sure you can relate. We’ve all been there. Somehow, it’s easier and faster, our gut reaction is to block what’s coming at us before taking a breath and checking in with what we really want.

What if you take a moment first, before saying no.

Or before reacting in defense.

What if you didn’t feel you had to choose sacrifice. What if there was another way?

What would happen if you said yes? Yes first.

What would that open up for you? What would that make even a bit more possible?

What new way of thinking could be on that other side of YES?

Yes is full of creativity. It contains a spark, a joy, abundant potential.

No, stops things dead in their tracks.

Yes allows for things like… How about we share a cup of coffee while we Skype? I’d love to see your face and your sweet smile.

How can you add more yes to your day?

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