Personal High Level Mentorship and Coaching
plus a dynamic Mastermind Group of 10 Women Leaders


Enrollment currently CLOSED, opening again late 2018.

February-October 2018, you and I will meet monthly over video chat to explore, uncover, and coach you through your challenges, blocks, and to put you in direct line with what you truly desire. I will personally support you to create all that you want and more.

You’ll gain confidence, ease and flow in your work and life, clarity of purpose, how this translates to your business, and way you are of service in the world. You’ll also gain practical tools you can use as you continue to uplevel your life.

Things become easier, life becomes more fun, you feel more connected to yourself and your spirit, you will gain that satisfaction and sense of purpose that you’ve been looking for.

You become the one who takes care of your own happiness.

You are part of a dynamic group of women who are also inspired to live life fully and differently than they have before. You will connect with a global community of women leaders who will be happy to share your wins and support you through the challenges.

You will have a call each month as a group, as well as an online forum to connect with each other, test out your new programs, and gain community support.

You will also receive weekly challenges for the group, and unlimited personal email access to me during the length of the program.

It’s really pretty amazing, and I look forward to having you join!

Your Loveliest Year Project is only
open for enrollment once per year.

If this feels like the right fit for you for 2018, please fill out this application and we’ll set up a time to talk later in the year as enrollment gets closer.

The deposit for the program is: TBA
+ Followed by 9 payments of TBA

* Pay in full option: To Be Announced as we near Enrollment Season
** extended payment plans available if you enroll before November 15

Curious what past participants successes have been?

(Keep in mind these are the goals and outcomes of other women leaders, your goals and outcomes will differ as you are different and special in your own desires for this next year.)

But, it’s fun and inspiring to see what others have done so, let’s take a look:

  • One woman tripled her income.
  • Another discovered a way to celebrate all of her creative passions into a multi-stream business model where she is now able to serve and give in ways that honor all of her talents and she has a sustainable business fueled by joy and pleasure using all of her gifts.
  • Falling in love with ourselves has been a big theme for the participants of this past year. In the next few months at least 3 of these powerful women are moving to new cities and countries to follow their dreams and hearts.
  • More than one amazing renegade received a major investment in her business which opened up new possibilities to grow the empire she desires.
  • A savvy Corporate mom now has the financial freedom, fun family time, balanced work life, and  deep romance that she has been dreaming of. Which of course lights up all of the other areas of life, too.
  • New income levels, new levels of joy and love, new options for adventure and fun have all become the new normal for these women.
  • More confidence, more freedom, more ease, more flow, more clarity, more support, more connection, more exploration…
  • They have formed friendships, partnerships, business besties, and a global support system.
  • At the heart of it, each woman in this program discovered how they best work and serve in the world, and has now tailored their life to support this. The opportunities which now present themselves with ease give them the platform in which to thrive.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or if you would like to chat about whether this is the right next step for you at this time.

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