I’ve never fit in a box.
I was the girl on the boy’s soccer team.
I won contests and spelling bees.
I grew up playing piano in church
and dancing at Disney World.
I was being ME.

I would venture to guess that you were also a bit adventurous, intelligent, crafty, clever, and fun. I bet you also had big dreams, and maybe even had a hard time envisioning your future as you had so many things you were good at.

You, like me, are an Adventurous Rule Breaker who has always done life her own way. Whether you knew it or not.

Maybe you, like me, jumped from job to job in your 20s, not in an irresponsible way, but more like you had so many interests and talents they kept knocking at your door.

But, maybe you like me, found in your 30s life wasn’t what you thought it was going to be.

You probably have a career or a company, that looks great on the outside but rather empty on the inside. You are intelligent, you’ve always done well and succeeded, you have a top tier education… so why do you still feel hungry?

Something’s missing but you just don’t know what it is… as you’ve done everything right like you were supposed to.

I get it.

Adulting is hard.

It’s not what you thought it would be.

Now you’re ready to find that fire inside of you again, or maybe you’ve tested some things out but you’re just surviving the only way you know you can…

Listen, I’ve been there!

It could have been the New Year’s Eve I spent alone, crying on my couch while trying to get clients into glamorous parties half a world away via my Blackberry. Or, the raw vegan chocolate company I started with great press and acclaim… and then realized I didn’t like making chocolates. Or that other New Year’s Eve, managing a celebrity filled restaurant– and just before midnight someone spilled an entire tray of champagne glasses on my head and I was soaked and covered in glass. Happy New Year!

Sometimes you find yourself in a place where it  doesn’t feel like your life. You’re not sure how you got there and you’re not sure how to get out.

Maybe it’s a divorce or big break up that shakes you loose. Or your entrepreneurship dreams are far more difficult than you expected. Or you know in your heart that you were meant for something more than this… you’re nervous, unclear, but finally ready to put you first.

You’re in exactly the right place.

When you’re in this moment of “what’s next?” Please remember what you do have is your SPIRIT. Your ability to reinvent yourself, which is really just a rediscovery of who you really are. You have your genius, your perseverance, and your ability to do things that others only dream of. You are courageous, even through your fear. You are whole in yourself and you have all you need to thrive… you have just had your signals crossed for a bit.

There is nothing wrong with you, and I know life can get hard sometimes but that doesn’t mean you’re broken or that you don’t deserve all that you want and more. We’re in this together.

I want to celebrate and thank you dear sister for being here with me. I believe in you, as I believe in myself. The world needs YOU to be YOU just as much as it needs ME to be ME.


  • BA in Self Designed Major: Visual Art and Performance, Trinity College, Hartford CT
  • Special Project Researcher, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC
  • Artist Assistant, Sol Lewitt, American Minimalist
  • Playwright/Director LaMama, ETC NYC
  • Advanced Study: School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA
  • Internationally Shown Video, Sound and Performance Artist
  • Member of a Professional Dance Company
  • Opened and Managed 5+ Celebrity Chef Restaurants in NYC
  • Director of Service, North America for Quintessentially Luxury Lifestyle Management
  • Coaching Certification, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NYC
  • Began Full Time Solo Entrepreneurship in 2009 as a freelance Health Coach
  • Creator and Founder, Tory Marsh Chocolates, NYC, eponymous line of raw vegan chocolates
  • Consultant on Securing Half Million Dollar Investment for a Restaurant Start Up
  • Moved across the world with 2 suitcases, my laptop, and a heap of courage… alone. Berlin
  • Released first record! Collaboration with German Acid House Duo, Snuff Crew, Berlin
  • Coach, Wife, Mentor, Artist, Writer, Entrepreneur, Aunt, Sister, Daughter, Friend. Worldwide.