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3 Ways to Shake That Funk.

It happens. Sometimes out of no where. Or it’s seen a mile away. We fall victim of the dreaded, blahs, the funk, the ‘oh God, I just want to stay in bed all day watching youtube puppy videos’. While it’s fine to indulge that feeling from time to time, as it can be our bodies telling us we need time out to rest and reset. There are things we can do to get us back on our happy feet faster, and with more optimism and ambition than before the dark cloud set in.

Step One.

Recognize it. It’s okay. Feel it. Let it move through you. Don’t fight it, or pretend it’s not happening. Thank this feeling for giving you the opportunity to reset and regroup. Take it as a sign that perhaps you’ve become a bit disconnected from your dreams, your sparkle, your light. See it as the natural cycle of things, and know that the upswing is yours for the asking.

Thank You. Message Received. (You can also throw in an ‘I love you’ here to amp up the gratitude and high vibes you’re about to draw into your being.)

Step Two.

This is the fun one. Have some fun. Really. Fun. What’s fun for you may not be fun for me but, that’s great… this is about you. If it’s an adorable puppy video on youtube that just makes your heart swell, and the smiles come out… by all means, devour that puppy video. If it’s episodes of Family Guy that make you burst out the laughter, well, that’s great to know… throw it on! Call a friend who you can count on to totally crack you up. Or, you could choose to dance it out, get your energy to elevate with some great upbeat music (here) and shake your booty for nobody else but you, try out some new moves that make you smile. The key here, is to open yourself up to joy, laughter, lightness, to tap in to accessing your inner giggle box. Spend some quality time with pure comedy. I promise you will feel better after some fully belly laughs.

Step Three.

Check in with yourself, even if it’s only for 5 minutes. Allow yourself a bit of space for meditation, prayer, dreaming… anyway you like to frame it for yourself. This can be done at home, in the park, at the beach, any place you can commit to a some time of tranquility and relaxation. This could even be the bathroom stall at work, no judgements, take advantage of where you are. Ask yourself or your higher guides what you need in this moment to move forward in the highest path possible.

What is best for me right now?

What do I truly need or want in my life to be my most radiant?

How can I regain my vibrance?

Get quiet, and listen for the answer. In your heart you will know.

This practice is great to use with journaling as well. Allow yourself the space and freedom to really open your heart to what you need to be at your most glorious.

Thank your guides. Add in an ‘I love you” for yourself and the Universe for having your back.

If you’d like to leave a comment below about what this inspires for you, or to state your intention for moving forward.

I’m happy to hold the space for your dreams :)

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